Argont wasn’t always space dragon. A long time ago he was a human officer which name is Victor. On this scene showed his new form and hologram of his little daughter Anna (about 4 years old).  She is only one creature throughout the universe which Argont really love. Anna don’t know that her father is monster. She thinks that he is pilot of this scary dragon and always hiding from her. But someday she will know the truth. 

Argont serves to space pirate captain and  receives a salary. It’s helps to keep the little girl and pay to her guardians. 

Optimus Prime: - Ratchet, what are you doing? 
Ratchet: - Just little revenge.
Cade Yeager: - After changes Lockdown’s head will be cool washing machine! I’ll be rich! 
Optimus Prime: *facepalm*
Tessa Yeager: - Dad, are you sure that it’s good idea? 
Hound (in the sky): -  I’m flying, baby!  

Finished work. Original is 2353x3181 px.
"True heroes are never die". (c)

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